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ICL Employee Resiliency Survey: COVID 19 Edition


Businesses are undergoing unprecedented disruption in their ability to operate. Leaders need greater visibility to understand how employees are navigating the turbulence and what companies can do to help them.


Your organization is only as resilient as your people. The ability to measure and track employee resiliency through a crisis is critical to supporting employees, keeping them engaged and maintaining business continuity.

CLA’s web-based survey on Employee Resiliency is a way to get quick, real-time, and actionable information.

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Our Survey Measures...

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    Business Disruption

    Discover which types of disruption are having the greatest impact on the business to identify appropriate mitigation strategies

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    Employee Resiliency

    Pinpoint the specific drivers impacting employee resilience and the most affected groups. Use the insights to determine how and where to improve resilience.

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    Group Resiliency

    Ensure business continuity by uncovering how employees are working together and where collaboration may be breaking down. Apply the insights to build and strengthen key relationships.

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    Risks & Opportunities

    Surface the specific challenges and business risks that employees perceive and their prioritized solutions.


  • Web-based survey takes Less than 15 minutes to complete

  • Real-time insights generated the same day

  • Pulse-check capabilities at regular intervals to track resiliency over time

  • Uses AI and natural language processing to provide focus-group quality data with the scale of a survey

  • Integrates organizational network analysis (ONA) to understand how people are solving problems and making decisions in virtual environments


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