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ONA Certification Program

Get Certified in ONA

In partnership with The Institute for Contemporary Leadership, we offer our ONA Certification Program with two levels of certification.

The program is composed of two parts. In Part I, learners participate in a 1-day, in-person training session OR five 90-minute virtual workshops. Subsequently, in Part II, learners complete an ONA case study. (Those seeking Professional level certification must also complete an independent ONA project.)

I. Certified Associate ONA Practitioner

Includes: ONA Foundational Course & Case Study


II. Certified Professional ONA Practitioner

Includes: ONA Foundational Course, Two Case Studies, & an Independent ONA Project (overseen by an Institute for Contemporary Leadership advisor)


Individual Certification

Individual certifications can join one of our open enrollment classes listed below. Alternatively, individuals may be added into existing groups, situation permitting.

Group Certification

Group certifications of 5 or more can work with us to determine a time and place that best suits their group. 

For additional information or additional questions, please contact Luke Twomey at


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Program Results

As a result of this program, learners are able to:

  • Communicate the importance of the network perspective and why it's more critical than ever in today's complex business environment

  • Link specific ONA business applications to real-world organizational situations

  • Identify the right network measures for a given business objective (e.g., density, centrality, cliques, etc.)

  • Design a tailored ONA study (i.e. determine the right study questions, population, relationships, data collection as well as potential pitfalls and ethical considerations)

  • Utilize leading technology in collecting, analyzing and visualizing ONA data

  • Deliver in-depth ONA insights and recommendations

  • Qualify to become a Certified ONA Practitioner

  • The ONA Certification program was highly engaging and beneficial for me and my entire team in our gaining greater mastery of network analysis
    VP, Talent Management & Organization Development