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Organizational Network Analysis (ONA)


Organizations are transforming themselves to survive in this new world. To be dynamic and adaptable, organizations must rely on networks of informal relationships, rather than formal organizational structures. However, leaders typically lack visibility to their informal networks, which means they make decisions with incomplete information.

Organizational network analysis (ONA) has emerged as a tool to illuminate and analyze organization’s critical informal networks.  Using ONA, leaders can understand how employees truly work together to solve, problems, make decisions, and share information. This understanding can be translated into real business insights and answers questions such as:

  • How are different functions collaborating to develop new products and services?

  • Who are the organization’s hidden leaders?

  • Which employees are best positioned to serve as catalysts for change?

  • How can we transform the way we work to become more agile and responsive?

  • How can we accelerate the pace of decision making?

CLA’s course on ONA helps serves as a foundation for understanding and applying this tool in business settings.


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  • Accelerate organizational transformation

  • Increase enterprise agility

  • Build your leadership pipeline

  • Improve talent retention

  • Optimize organizational design

  • Enhance customer engagement

  • Promote diversity & inclusion


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  • CLA’s organizational network analysis solution helps leaders better understand important informal networks that were once hidden and leverage these networks to solve problems. There isn’t an organization today that couldn’t benefit greatly from this analysis.
    Senior Director, Talent Management & Organization Development