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Businesses need greater leadership capabilities to solve today’s complex, emerging challenges. We work with you at a deep level to increase your leadership capacity and enable you to thrive in increasingly uncertain environments.


What’s keeping you up at night:

  • Which candidate is the best fit for our leadership team?

  • Am I getting the candid feedback and unvarnished input I need to up my leadership game?

  • Where can I gain new perspectives and how can I disrupt my own mental models to lead more creatively?

  • What if I get hit by a truck?

  • Why am I afraid to do this?

How we can assist you


Leadership Advisory: Our advisors take an integrated approach to working with leaders, providing sophisticated assessment, behavioral coaching on new leadership behaviors, social network analysis, and key stakeholder analysis and management.


Executive Selection Assessment: Our team of psychology and business experts provide a rigorous and comprehensive assessment of external and internal candidates for senior level roles.


Executive Development Assessment: Our psychologists provide comprehensive developmental assessments using multiple data channels to provide insight and focus on the most critical opportunities for enhancement.

More than ever, teams are how work gets done in organizations. We align your senior teams and help build their capability to collaborate effectively and produce results.


What’s keeping you up at night:

  • How can we better align on our senior leadership team's purpose, goals, and metrics?

  • Does our team have the right number of people, and the right people on our team?

  • How can we stay out of each other’s’ swim lanes?

  • How can we make better decisions faster?

  • What's needed to increase cohesion and trust?

  • Why are we afraid to hold each other accountable?

How we can assist you


Executive Team Assessment: Our team experts conduct thorough assessments of each team member and the team itself, in order to understand if the team is the right size, with the right people, with the right mission, goals, norms, and culture.


High Performance Team Coaching: Following an executive team assessment, our team experts assist the leader and team to align around the right organizational goals, optimize decision making practices, surface and take on tough issues, leverage conflict, and support one another.


High Performance Virtual Team Training: Through an online program, our team experts leverage proven adult learning principles to help teams build the four essential skills that are vital for virtual teams in the 21st century. more…

To thrive in today’s digital, hyper-connected world, organizations must change how they operate. We help you speed decision making, increase collaboration and build alignment around purpose and strategy to reach your goals.


What’s keeping you up at night:

  • How should we be structured to achieve our growth objectives?

  • What can we do to build a faster, more agile, and entrepreneurial culture?

  • How do we break down silos and increase collaboration between departments?

  • What's needed to build employee engagement?

  • How can we better equip employees with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed?

  • What can we do to increase alignment between talent and business strategy?

How we can assist you


Strategic Change: Organizational change occurs when people commit to a new goal and modify their behavior accordingly. We integrate best practice with the lastest behavioral science to help companies bring their strategies to life and achieve lasting change.


Talent Management: The real difference between success and failure in a company is often the result of how well the organization brings out the great energy and commitment of its people. We work with you to select, onboard, engage, develop and deploy the right talent in the right roles.


Organization Design: Too often leaders start backward: drawing boxes on a chart before clearly defining what the organization wants to achieve and how to get it done. We work with leaders to gain agreement on the organization’s purpose and then develop and align the components needed (e.g., structure, culture, decision rights) for success.

Boards are under increasing scrutiny from regulators, activist shareholders and the public. Governance and compliance remain significant issues that boards must address, but equally important are the behavioral and relationship issues that shape effective board dynamics and drive board and organizational performance.


What’s keeping you up at night:

  • How can we improve the structure and membership of the board?

  • What can we do to increase our understanding of the company's operations? And do we maintain the right balance of involvement and oversight?

  • How can I enhance the effectiveness of my portfolio company's management team?How can we strengthen our relationship with the CEO and executive team?

  • What organizational or cultural barriers may derail our investment thesis?How can we enhance the board's performance as a team?

  • What can we do to increase the effectiveness of our board meetings?

  • Do we have the right management team leading the company?

  • Who is the best candidate for an open C-level position?

How we can assist you


Assessing Performance and Next Steps: Our Board experts determine ways in which your board is excelling and how to build on those strengths and we clarify what the areas for growth or development are, including sensitive issues that may have been surfaced as a part of the self-assessment. We focus on the areas of board performance where there may be divergent views of how the board is performing and where the greatest opportunities to enhance functioning lie.


Board Alignment and Development: Based on our assessment, we help the board focus in on opportunities and gaps, prioritizing those development areas that will have the greatest impact on performance. Common target areas include clarifying expectations of and among board members, enhancing group engagement and alignment, and promoting constructive debate and effective decision-making.

Private Equity firms face the dual task of continually improving their own operations while maximizing the value of their portfolio companies.


What’s keeping you up at night:

  • Will this potential management team be a good investment?

  • Which candidate is right for my portfolio company's C-suite position?

  • How can I enhance the effectiveness of my portfolio company's management team?

  • What organizational or cultural barriers may derail our investment thesis?

  • How can I develop leaders and improve organizational effectiveness within our own private equity firm?

How we can assist you


Optimizing Private Equity Investments: While PE firms always invest in strengthening the business strategy of their portfolio companies, too often they under-invest in talent charged with executing these strategies. As a result, execution is compromised, performance is impaired, and money is left on the table. Our experts assist with pre-and post-deal diligence on the executive team, providing deep and comprehensive assessment of the CEO and his or her team, as well as the needs of the organization to execute the value creation plan.


Private Equity Performing at Peak Capacity: We assist PE firms in creating their own high performance firm cultures that lead to sustainable success. Like many of your portfolio companies, success is largely dependent on your people. Pick the wrong investment opportunities or the wrong portfolio management team and you will have more losers than winners. You need the best talent to find the right opportunities, design and install the right strategies, pick the right management teams, and ensure successful execution.