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David Beaulieu

Senior Consultant & Advisor

Dave is a seasoned operations and technology executive, board member and advisor with
broad experience in transforming the performance of companies to achieve significant growth
and profitability. Dave is know for leading teams to scale companies for growth through talent
selection and development, process engineering and automation. He has many experiences in
improving underperforming assets and addressing service and quality performance issues. He
has worked to move companies in digital transformation by enhancing data acquisition and
analytics capabilities and introducing new workforce models.

Prior to joining CLA, Dave held executive positions as COO/CIO at Cotiviti;
SVP Marketing, Business & Product Development at DST; COO at Amisys-Synertech;
Managing Partner for Government Services at First Consulting Group; and many executive &
operational roles during his tenure at CIGNA Healthcare. In his roles, Dave has been active in
many mergers & acquisitions, sale of companies, and public offerings.