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Women's Power Source

Power Source:

Equipping Women Leaders to Navigate Through Times of Crisis

Women have the greatest leadership assets at their disposal1, but in a society that sets different expectations for women leaders than for their male counterparts2, women require the right mindset, skillsets and tools to activate and fully exercise their power. Leveraging an evidence-based framework designed to help participants develop their personal power source, over the course of 5 sessions, the Power Source program will teach participants to: cultivate the right mindset surrounding their own power, clarify their purpose for power, understand the organizational and political contexts in which they will gain power, intentionally build and leverage their network, and how to confidently and strategically exercise power to accomplish their goals.

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Benefits for Women Leaders

  • Accelerated and enhanced leadership impact

  • Strengthened cross-functional relationships and an extended informal network

  • Practical tools to develop power and greater confidence in wielding power

  • Real-time advice from a cohort of peer-coaches

  • A Power Source Profile assessing personal power before and after the program

Benefits for the Organization

  • An expanded leadership pipeline that takes full advantage of workforce talent

  • Demonstrated ongoing commitment to the long-term development of women leaders

  • More engaged women leaders who have enhanced sense of belonging

  • Leaders who are better prepared to manage through disruptions such as those caused by Covid-19 and economic uncertainty

1Eagly et al. (2003). Transformational, Transactional, and Laissez- Faire Leadership Styles: A Meta- Analysis Comparing Women and Men. Psychological Bulletin. 1Zheng, W., Kark, R., & Meister, A. (2018). How women manage the gendered norms of leadership. Harvard Business Review.