Contemporary Leadership Advisors

Contemporary Leadership- / kənˈtempəˌrerē ˈlēdərˌSHip/ – noun – the capabilities and courage required to lead, adapt, and thrive in a complex, changing world.


We are a firm of behavioral scientists and business experts who help organizations create value by selecting and developing the right leaders, driving senior team effectiveness, designing aligned and agile organizations, and developing engaged and effective boards.

What Makes Us Different

We're behavioral scientists and business experts

We're PhDs in psychology and organizational learning, connected to leading research institutions. We're former CEOs and business executives. We've worked with dozens of Fortune 500 clients, top-tier Private Equity firms, and their portfolio companies.

We're a client-centric boutique firm

We partner with our clients and create deep relationships to ensure their success. We customize our solutions for each client and we value ongoing relationships – over 85% of our business comes from existing clients.

We put our money where our mouth is

We're accountable for the results and outcomes we deliver. In many instances, we'll even put a percentage of our fees at risk by making them dependent on your success.

Latest News



Overcoming the ‘Resistance to Change’ Mindset

January 31, 2020

Every textbook on organizational change has as a central tenet the idea of “resistance to change.” The premise is that people have a predi...


Gender and Power: The Inequality in Sexual Advances at Work

March 29, 2019

CLA’s affiliated Institute for Contemporary Leadership recently conducted a study on the factors that impact men’s and women’s career advancement. The...


Skip the Scotch: Women are 2X More Likely Than Men to Be Excluded From Informal Networks at Work

December 11, 2018

Contemporary Leadership Advisors’ affiliated Institute for Contemporary Leadership recently conducted a study on the commonalities and differences in ...

Our Clients

We work with leading Fortune-500 companies and elite Private Equity firms. Please contact us for a list of our clients.